TRIBUTE TO STEPHEN: Stephen Young touched the lives of everyone he met.
TRIBUTE TO STEPHEN: Stephen Young touched the lives of everyone he met.

Parents pay tribute to crash victim: Angel taken too soon

TOUCHED by an angel is how Donald Young describes his son Stephen.

The 22-year-old was a loving son, a caring brother, a doting boyfriend and an incredible work colleague who touched the lives of many people.

Tragically, Stephen died in a motorbike crash near Bucca on Saturday afternoon.

His mother and father, Donald and Leonie Young, said they couldn't have been more proud of the beautiful man they raised, who left a lasting impact on every person he crossed paths with.

"Stephen was a caring person always putting other people's needs before his own, he had an infectious smile and the laugh he had would make you laugh and love him more," they said.

"He had an amazing aura that meant everyone that came into his life felt the love he radiated.

"He could change the mood and atmosphere of a room the minute he walked in.

"Everyone that knew him spoke very highly of him and we are so proud of him knowing that he impacted everyone with this valuable trait he possessed."

His parents said they were grateful to have witnessed the unbreakable bond Stephen and his brother Regan shared.

"His only sibling, his brother Reagan, he loved dearly," they said.

"He shared a lot with him, especially pizza as Stephen was one of the Dominos store managers.

"Reagan worshipped the ground Stephen walked on."

Mr Young said his son loved his work colleagues at Dominos and he was really touched by their support following the fatality.

He said both Stephen and Reagan shared a love of motor vehicles.

"Stephen would take Reagan up to the shed to work on his prize possession, his FG Ford Falcon until he got his motorbike, which we know was his undoing in life, unfortunately," Mr Young said.

Stephen's time was also spent with his girlfriend and his parents could see the love they shared.

"His love for his girlfriend, best friend, soulmate was something few people possess," they said.

"He put his girlfriend on such a high pedestal, no one else could compare.

"He always spoke very highly of her."

Stephen's parents said they had an incredible life with their son and no single memory could outshine the rest.

"You know if we have to pick a favourite memory of Stephen that would be the nearly 23 years he gave us," they said.

Mr Young said he always told his son to be safe.

"I always told him I loved him and please drive safe and his response was, 'always Dad'," Mr Young said.