Parents are increasingly monitoring kids' smartphone use

AN increasing number of parents are seeking out forensic technology to monitor their children's smartphone usage to gain a better understanding of their lives as well as ensuring their safety according to a new report.

The report was compiled by Brisbane-based company Vincents Chartered Accountants.

Vincents Chartered Accountants Director of Forensic Technology Daniel Hains said in recent years the firm had noticed an increase in parents using computer forensics technology to monitor their children's smartphones to ensure they are using their devices safely and responsibly.

"Over the years Vincents has seen the uses for this technology move from mainly commercial purposes to domestic purposes with parents feeling the need to know about their children's digital lives more than ever," he said.

"In many cases it is not that parents distrust their children, it is due to the parents realising their teenagers' capabilities with smartphones far outweigh their own understanding of the devices.

"The activity that children engage in on their smartphones as well as their use of 'apps' can be monitored, either with or without their permission, and the findings often provide comfort to parents.

"This is particularly prevalent with photo and text sharing apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook."