Week past shows need for parents to be wary of perversion

WHEN The Observer published Queensland police figures earlier this month, some were critical.

For the first time, we detailed the number of convicted sex offenders who were still being monitored by authorities.

Online commentators, hiding behind pseudonyms, made snide remarks about wrapping children in cotton wool.

One made the ridiculous claim that a streaker who faced charges could end up being a registered sex offender.

The events of this week show why parents do need to be made aware of the prevalence of perversion in our community.

One Gladstone man is facing charges on 53 separate counts of accessing child pornography.

More disturbingly, children as young as 12 are failing to realise where the graphic photos that they "sext" to each other, might eventually end up.

Both news stories will no doubt see parents stepping up efforts to protect their children. And publication of stories to prompt that can only be a good thing.