This doll has a strange impact on humans (and animals).
This doll has a strange impact on humans (and animals).

Letta Me Out! Paranormal expert meets haunted doll

WHEN people come into contact with the Letta Me Out doll they report feeling sick, uneasy and emotional, while animals also begin to act strangely.

Bizarre happenings associated with the doll, along with its eerie looks and presence makes Letta Me Out one of the most haunted objects in the world.

A well-known Australian paranormal investigator, known as Amy's Crypt, came face to face with the 200-year-old doll a few weeks ago when its owner brought it to Adelaide and shared a video on her experience.

A well-known Australian paranormal investigator, known as Amy's Crpyt, met with Letta Me Out.
A well-known Australian paranormal investigator, known as Amy's Crpyt, met with Letta Me Out. Contributed

The Letta Me Out doll currently lives in Warwick, with its owner Kerry Walton.

The wooden, child-sized doll has been in Mr Walton's possession for more than 40 years after he stumbled across it underneath an abandoned house in Wagga Wagga.

The first strange occurrence was when his two children woke up screaming saying the doll was talking and moving its head.

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Many people over the years have also said they have seen it move, and Mr Walton said he had found scuff marks on the floors in the mornings, as if it had wandered around the house at night.

Dogs also can't stand to be in its presence, barking madly when they see it.

Letta Me Out has appeared on many television programs around the world and has been examined by scientists at the Australian Museum in Sydney.

Multiple seances over the years have claimed the doll has a spirit of a young boy inside who died many years ago in a drowning.

Amy was introduced to the doll recently and she said while she didn't find the experience scary she did notice a few odd things about the doll.

"At first glance I can see why he is scary to a lot of people, but I absolutely adore the doll," she said.

"Not everything to do with paranormal has to be scary or evil, there are good spirits out there. The one inhabiting Letta Me Out is believed to be one of those good spirits.

"I noticed a few weird things, one was its eyes. It has these dark, glass eyes that seem to follow you around the room. It was looked like it was watching you and every single person in the room.

"I didn't feel scared or put out and I did observe a few other people meeting Letta, and I didn't see anyone have any negative reactions.

Kerry Walton and Letta Me Out, Warwick's very own haunted doll, at Warwick's Night of Horrors, 2018
Kerry Walton and Letta Me Out. Michael Nolan

"Some people claimed it moved on their lap and to me it kind of did look like it moved, mostly its wrists."

Letta Me Out has been in Toowoomba on multiple occasions to meet and greet with residents.

Mr Walton and Letta Me Out are looking to tour around the country. For more information follow Letta Me Out on Facebook.