Parakeelia...Is it all a little peculiar?

TREASURER Scott Morrison has slammed as a "witch-hunt" a Labor attack on the Coalition over a software company that has received taxpayer funds while also donating to the Liberal Party.

The company, Parakeelia Pty Ltd, last year donated $500,000 to the federal Liberal Party, while several Coalition MPs have used their taxpayer funded communications entitlements to pay the company for information about voters.

Labor leader Bill Shorten said on Thursday it was clear the company was "owned" by the Liberal party saying it looked like a "Liberal Party washing machine turning taxpayer dollars into Liberal Party profits".

But Mr Morrison rejected the claims, as little more than "a Labor witch-hunt", saying that the company was run above board, and it was a "long-standing practice" that politicians paid for similar services rendered under their entitlements, and such claims were within entitlement rules.

A statement from the Liberal Party said today that Parakeelia was run on a professional basis and "as an entity of the party" the party would help any government agency with any regulatory queries they had.