Ducks are active on the Northern Rivers at the moment, so please drive carefully.
Ducks are active on the Northern Rivers at the moment, so please drive carefully. Claudia Baxter

Outrage after ducklings killed by 'disgusting' driver

A NUMBER of ducklings have been killed after a driver "mowed through" a family of ducks crossing a North Coast road this morning.

Amira Roberts posted about the incident on Byron Bay Community Board, pleading with people to "slow down and watch out for wildlife".

"Whoever you were that just mowed through a family of ducks crossing the road heading out of Suffolk to Ballina, you're a disgusting human being," she wrote.

"I just don't understand how someone could deliberately do that and not slow down.

"Saddest thing to see."

Ms Roberts said the parent ducks survived but were "frantic" and a few of the babies died.

"I cried, was so sad... some survived. Was very distressing. So many new dead animals in the roads every day, people need to take more care."

The incident happened despite recent pleas from WIRES Northern Rivers for people to take care on the roads, as more animals get active in spring.

"If you do see a family of ducklings crossing the road please slow down, stop, put your hazard lights on and allow them to cross. It doesn't take long," a WIRES spokeswoman said.

Lyn Tyler said she saw the ducklings on the eastern side of Broken Head Rd about 6am.

"They were just beautiful. So sad... a disgusting, low thing to do," she wrote on the Facebook page.

Louise Beaumont: "Please tell me this is a joke. Please tell me they survived. I can't bear it."

Danielle Megan: "I've noticed a lot of bush turkeys on the side of the roads lately near Ocean Shores too."

However Lyn Sullivan said it was possible the incident was not deliberate.

"I recently had a family of ducks step out from the left and directly in front on the car," she wrote on the thread.

"I was looking right at the time, to my horror only just missed running them over as I was doing 20km/h at the time."

In response, Ms Roberts wrote: "I considered this but they were already in the road and in plain sight on a straight clear path. They slowed a slight bit well before and then just drive right over the whole family."

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