Spare a thought for outdoor workers over summer

IT'S starting to warm up again, to the point where it's virtually impossible to do anything strenuous outside.

It's a matter these days of getting up with the kookaburra starting to make a racket, getting a few hours in and then racing back inside by 9am.

Beyond that time I find it just too stifling to do a great deal outside.

The thing that astounds me is the number of people who are required to work outside - all day - and in their high-viz shirts, long trousers and boots etc.

I just don't know how they do it.

I was watching some blokes putting up a fence the other day, dressed to the nines in their work gear in the middle of the day in the searing heat with no shade within cooee.

How they didn't expire, I just don't know.

I recall last summer building a small garden in our yard.

I could just manage 20 minutes or so before I went back into the shade, grabbed a litre of water and sat for 20 minutes before I could get back into it.

And yet these people do it every day - day in and day out.

I guess it's what one gets used to; but I'm not sure if I could ever get used to that.

And I look around me and see brown, brown grass. It's then I realise this is the tropics - or very close to it - and it's what people expect.

I've been working hard this summer to maintain a something-like green-looking lawn, but even after running the sprinkler hose for a few hours on end it seems to make little difference to the colour of the grass.

Our garden's not doing too badly, but that's only because we get out there with the water hoses every second evening.

Just have to work now on getting rid of the aphids and other bugs from the hibiscus.

Thanks goodness for working in an air-conditioned environment - and for having screens on our windows and doors at home so that we can allow the breeze to keep us relatively cool.

In the meantime spare a thought for those folk who work outdoors.