Jet skiers have been warned to obey the speed limits at Round Hill Creek.
Jet skiers have been warned to obey the speed limits at Round Hill Creek.

'Out of hand': Warning to hooning jet skiers

HOONING jet skiers ignoring the speed limit at Round Hill Creek have been put on notice.

After several complaints from swimmers and the community Volunteer Marine Rescue Round Hill has made the police aware of the thrill-seeking jet skiers.

VMR Round Hill secretary Josie Meng said speeding jet ski riders had been a ongoing problem during the Christmas holidays, with many ignoring the six knot speed limit within Round Hill Creek.

"There are people swimming in the creek, boats moored and tinnies around," she said.

"We want people to have fun, but within reason.

"They can go out and have fun, but when they're coming back into the creek they need to be very mindful that it is a small area."

Ms Meng has received complaints via phone and on the street from residents tired of putting up with the illegal activity.

While she could not estimate the speeds the skiers were travelling, she said many were going "well and truly above six knots".

"A few visiting boaties who know who we are at VMR have told us it's getting out of hand," she said.

Ms Meng the holiday season had been relatively quiet for VMR, with strong winds preventing most boaties from heading out to sea.

Last Thursday they did assist a jet skier, who Ms Meng said was not doing the wrong thing, but had experienced engine trouble.

The Round Hill crew travelled to Pancake Creek and took the rider on board and towed the jet ski back to shore.

Meanwhile last Monday the Gladstone VMR crew took a paramedic from Gladstone Marina to The Oaks to treat a 15-year-old boy who had been stung by a blue bottle.

After treatment by the paramedic the boy's condition improved and he and his family remained at their camp.