Gladstone's tent city accommodation reputation fading

A YEAR or so ago, the people of Gladstone were screaming out for tourist accommodation.

They found that they couldn't hold their annual events which attracted groups from other parts of Australia because they couldn't find anywhere for them to stay.

In one instance a "tent city'' was set up on one sportsground so that visitors playing in a big tournament could have somewhere to stay.

The reason for the shortage was that the majority of motels, hotels and other venues were booked out by construction companies for their workers.

That's all changed now to a great degree and workers' camps have all but eliminated the problem.

However, it's hard to tell just what sort of a long term impact that shortage has had on Gladstone's tourism industry.

Once people find that it's pretty hard finding a place to rest their heads in our city, they tend to become less interested in coming back.

One would hope that this will not be the case.