Emmanuel Peter Haber was handed a suspended jail sentence on Wednesday.
Emmanuel Peter Haber was handed a suspended jail sentence on Wednesday. John Weekes

Our son is worth more than this, parents say

A VICIOUS attack on a promising footy player has left parents fuming after a jealous young man avoided going to jail.

Ipswich man Emmanuel Peter Haber, 21, admitted attacking two other young men.

Brisbane District Court heard Haber was upset because his girlfriend was friends with another man.

In July last year, Haber went with a group of friends to confront the man at a touch football competition, and punched him several times.

The Crown said the punches were thrown when the most seriously injured man was holding a chair, unable to defend himself properly, and not looking.

Haber pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm for that attack and pleaded guilty to assaulting a second young man in the same incident.

On Wednesday, when Judge Brendan Butler announced Haber's two-year jail term would be suspended immediately, the victim's mother left the courtroom in disgust.

Outside court, the grievously injured victim's father told NewsRegional he was also disappointed with the sentence, especially "in light of recent events with coward punches”.

Haber was fined $2500, which the parents said made little difference.

The court heard the seriously injured man was a promising footy player who had dreamed of becoming a professional sportsman.

But the injuries had curtailed his sports career.

The court heard Haber sent a text message apology to the most badly-injured man when that man was in hospital getting surgery for facial injuries.

Haber had no criminal record and Judge Butler said he'd shown genuine remorse.

At one point during sentencing, Haber addressed the judge directly.

Despite saying he was sorry for what he' done, Haber added: "I did what any other boyfriend would do.”

Haber told Judge Butler he confronted the group about contact one man had with his girlfriend on social media but "they just laughed”.

Haber said his own friends never encouraged the attack.

"The bottom line though is, what you did wasn't justifiable ... it's had terrible consequences,” Judge Butler said.

Haber was ordered to pay the fine in two instalments to the court, which would then send the money to the injured footy player. -NewsRegional