We're so blessed to live in this country.
We're so blessed to live in this country. Contributed

OUR SAY: We're blessed to live in this beautiful country

WHAT makes Australia great?

That is such an easy and difficult question to answer.

It's the freedom we have, every one of us, to decide how we spend our lives and to be able to achieve great things.

It's the healthcare we enjoy.


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On Australia Day two years ago I sat on the beach at Bondi watching other people celebrate while my dad lay in hospital in Sydney waiting to undergo heart surgery after he collapsed and almost died.

We're so lucky to have the doctors, nurses and health professionals we have in this country.

We are lucky to enjoy the diversity of many cultures, especially that of our indigenous people - indeed our multiculturalism, what many would have you believe is a problem for Australia, is actually one of our strengths.

Our country is a safe haven, a place free from war and strife and today it will open its arms to many more people, some of whom have grown up in places that aren't as lucky.

I know the date of Australia Day is problematic.

Every year we reflect on that and maybe one day there will be a change.

But today I will reflect on how blessed I am to live in this country.