Pistorius 'promised to give life to God' if girlfriend lived

OSCAR Pistorius cried and promised to "dedicate his life to God" if girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp lived minutes after he shot her, a neighbour told Pretoria's High Court.

Dr Johan Stipp, who lives on the same Silver Woods estate, described the scene as he went to the assistance of Ms Steenkamp on the athlete's driveway, and his fears that Pistorius may kill himself, in the fourth day of his murder trial.

"There was a man on his cellphone stood next to a white BMW and he motioned me over. There was a lady standing in the door, and I said 'I am a doctor. Can I be of assistance?'

"The first thing he said was 'I shot her, I thought she was a burglar and I shot her."

He told court Pistorius cried and promised to "dedicate his life to God" if only He would "let Reeva live".

Dr Stipp went on to describe the extent of Ms Steenkamp's injuries, who was, he said "mortally wounded" as the athlete covered his ears in the dock.

"She had no pulse in her neck. She had no peripheral pulse. There weren't any signs of life that I had seen. It was obvious to me that she was mortally wounded."

"Oscar was extremely upset. He went back into the house, and I asked Mr Stander [the security guard] where the gun was. I was scared he was going to harm himself."

Earlier, he told the court how he and his wife were awoken by what "sounded like gunshots" and the sound of a woman screaming, becoming the fourth of Pistorius' neighbours to claim to have heard a woman's voice.

"I was awoken by three loud bangs. My wife said 'what was that?' And I said 'I think it's gunshots.' I went out on to the balcony and heard screams, and it sounded to me like a woman. And I thought, 'there's trouble here.' And I called security.

"I then heard another three loud bangs. I thought it was someone shooting again. I thought if there was shooting going on, some of the bullets might come our way, so I warned my wife to get out of harm's way."

Pistorius' counsel have previously argued that these loud noises were the sounds of the athlete beating down the door with a cricket bat, and that the woman's screams are in fact Pistorius' own "high-pitched" sounds.

On Monday, Pistorius pleaded not guilty of murdering Ms Steenkamp, claiming he shot her in a case of mistaken identity thinking she was an intruder.

Ms Steenkamp was shot three times, being hit in the head, arm and hip from three bullets from a 9mm pistol through the locked bathroom door of Pistorius' upmarket villa on Valentine's Day last year.

Prosecutors argue he intentionally shot and killed his girlfriend following a domestic dispute. If convicted of murder he will almost certainly receive a life sentence, with a minimum term of 25 years.