Origin matches make us glad we're rugby league fans

AS we get a little older, we start to consider the future more than the younger generations. We start to realise that our time is finite and we are very conscious of the future as opposed to the past, which is done and dusted and cannot be altered.

Hence the rise of the production of the so-called bucket list.

Most older - or should I say more mature - people are doing this automatically, and some have a more structured process wherein they will actually plan, document and even budget in a timing and financial sense the events that they want to experience while they still can.

As an absolute sports nut, most of my personal "bucket list" involves the huge national, international and famous sporting events like the NFL Super Bowl, the American baseball and basketball world series, the FA Cup final at Wembley and the Kentucky Derby.

As my sporting passion is fundamentally rugby league based, the more prioritised sporting events on my list were and still are the big rugby league events, and there is no rugby league event bigger than State of Origin.

The only issue with Origin featuring on my list is that I have been fortunate enough to witness many Origin matches live, but my list is never satisfied.

I know the rules of the bucket list are that once it has been done, you should put a line through it and move on.

In fact the more I see, the more I must see so my list is never satisfied. There is no comparable sporting event, at least in Australia, and that's what makes it so special.

An Origin match never fails to deliver the drama, the twists, the freakish performances, the unbelievable finishes and the sheer excitement of a wonderful sport played at the highest possible level.

When I see an Origin game, I am so glad that my favourite sport is rugby league. No other Australian sport has an asset like Origin.

These Origin games are played in packed arenas and millions watch on the television. They are sponsored by the biggest media marketers in Australia.

Clubs and pubs promote Origin, house parties are everywhere, rugby league fans and even non-believers wear the colours of the team that they support, sports shows, even mainstream media outlets comment and analyse these games before and after the event.

Every element of an Origin game is of enormous interest.

I think that an Origin game, live, would be on most rugby league fan's bucket list, like mine.

But the dilemma is when you witness one you will want more of the same. Solutions - take the Origin game off your bucket list so you can still obey the list rules.

Or change the list to "see and experience as many Origin games as you can while you can".

For me, I just treat an Origin game for what it is - the most exciting sporting experience that you can ever have, and celebrate the fact you are a rugby league fan, even if it's just during Origin.

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