Opposition wants Watts on COVID-19 committee

OPPOSITION Leader Deb Frecklington wrote to parliament to ask if Trevor Watts - who copped a fine for breaching social distancing measures - could be appointed to the committee overseeing the State Government's COVID-19 response.

It's understood she made the request after Mr Watts told her he'd been fined for breaching the rules at a "street party" in Toowoomba.

Ms Frecklington downplayed her request this morning, stating she sets very high standards for her shadow cabinet.

"In fact someone that has been fined for breaching the laws of the coronavirus directions and has paid the price by being removed from my shadow cabinet, maybe he has a greater understanding of the restrictions and the response, I dare say he now has studied those in great detail," she said.


Ms Frecklington has requested the Toowoomba North MP sit on the Economic and Governance Committee which will oversee the Government's economic response to coronavirus.

The leader said every member of parliament was on a committee.


If Mr Watts is appointed to the committee, he will replace Ninderry MP Dan Purdie who has since been appointed as the LNP shadow police, counter terrorism and corrective services spokesman - which Mr Watts resigned from this week.

Ms Frecklington refused to say what she thought of the shocking police photos released earlier this week that revealed tables and table cloths with plates of food were used at the gathering.


Originally published as Opposition wants Watts on COVID-19 committee