For some poeple, it's time to start enjoying life instead of just complaining online
For some poeple, it's time to start enjoying life instead of just complaining online Mike Richards GLA160417FRUN

OPINION: The haters will believe what "they" tell them

EVER since I came to Gladstone in August, I've been hearing about the people who are paid by Centrelink to move here.

I've tried a number of times to explain to people that isn't correct but funnily enough most of them didn't want to hear it.

No one knew anyone in particular who had been paid to move here but they'd all heard about it from...

I guess from other people.

I'd hear things like, "everyone knows it's true".

Our lead story yesterday about Gladstone having the cheapest rentals in Australia last year reignited the anger about "those people" on social media.

I understand people are hurting, that jobs are scarce and that Gladstone is not a perfect place, but to so many of the commentators on Facebook, the people being "paid to move here" are the reason for all of the social woes, escalating crime rate (?) and lack of employment.

Today that rumour has been cleared up.

No one has been paid to come here to look for work.

No one in public housing has been moved here to "clean up the Gold Coast" ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

Do I think that will stop the online vitriol?

Not a chance. There'll always be something else to hate on.

As one person rightfully said: "If those people got out from behind their keyboards and did something for their community, instead of just complaining about anything they can think of, maybe they'd realise what a great place this really is."

This post was my favourite.

Michael Waldron: There's nothing wrong with Gladstone, if you don't like it so much go apply for this relocation payment you know so much about and move somewhere else. Plenty of us love it here.