Is this good news? Picture: File photo
Is this good news? Picture: File photo TatyanaGl

OPINION: Pension increase not worth celebrating

YOUR SAY: SO PENSIONERS are getting a pay rise soon. Good news!   

Well. First that is for those depending entirely on the pension.

It will put their total income up to a whole $900. (Chronicle political news 23/03). That's $450 a week. You try living totally on $450.  

Rent or rates, insurance, rego, petrol, food, clothes and medical. We will stop there as there is lots more to pay and the $450 is GONE.  

For those with a bit invested it's totally bad news and has been the last two years.  

The deeming rate went up, interest, shares etc. went down and down, plus in those last two years those with a bit have had a huge chunk of their pension taken during that time.  

Now Shorty Bill of the ALP proposes, if he can con enough suckers to elect him, to take a few thousand dollars a year of those with other invested monies.   

Yes he says that he will replace the losses with a rise in pension. P.S. and the sun might rise in the west or pigs fly too.  

The investment gurus almost one and all, tell us that we need super in the millions for a "reasonable lifestyle". Dream on.   

Shorten wants to catch the rich, but like a fishing net all get that gets caught is the poor, the mid class and even a few of the rich, who can't find a loophole and that's always on for them.  

Things are definitely on the downward trajectory for all part pensioners.  

RAY HARCH, Toowoomba