David Stuart

OPINION: Lifetime contract? Another reason to hate Manly

Can someone please explain to me what the hell a lifetime contract in sport is?

Whatever it is, Manly played it as a trump card to keep Daly Cherry-Evans on the northern beaches.

They couldn't explain what is was, how much it was worth or how it worked, other than Cherry-Evans was so important to the club he now had a contract with Manly as long as he continued to play in the NRL.


So, is his form stinks or drops off say like Ben Barba -- who remember was the most exciting player in the game a few years ago - will Manly will still want him?

Or if some exceptional halfback talent emerges in the next year or two, will they expect that kid to just sit and wait for Cherry-Evans's lifetime contract to expire?

Whatever the contract is, it provided Cherry-Evans the "out" he needed to leave the Gold Coast feeling like a jilted bride at the altar.

Rugby league fans have never really needed a reason to hate Manly.

If they did, Cherry-Evans just gave them another one.

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Funny how Manly couldn't make Cherry-Evans any kind of offer until the Titans threw $5 million at him in March.

But once they knew their other star playmaker Kieran Foran was definitely going to Parramatta, it was a case of "show him the money".

Apparently they did and a lot more to sweeten the deal as well it would seem.

Nobody can blame Cherry-Evans for taking advantage of the rules set down by the NRL, he played within the rules to set up himself and his family's future.

And let's be honest, how many of you would you turn down a lifetime contract in your dream job, if you had one?