I'VE been playing a game recently called "Would I be happy if this person suddenly had possession of the nuclear codes?"

The rules are simple - when I see someone mentioned in the news, I ask myself if it would be a good thing if they were instantly and inexplicably placed in command of the United States military.

By necessity, this would mean them switching places with the White House's current occupant.

The list of people so far who haven't made the cut is depressingly short (I don't know if this means I am good at the game or not).

Charles Manson was the first one where I didn't have to really put myself through the wringer.

So you might think the news that Oprah Winfrey is being discussed as a potential 2020 Democratic nominee after her (admittedly fantastic) speech at the Golden Globes would be something I'd welcome.

For some very dull reasons - and some real concerns - this is not the case.

Is she smarter than Mr Trump? Without a doubt.

Would she work harder than he does? Most definitely.

Is she in many ways the personification of the American dream - rising from nothing to found a media empire? She sure is (and my congratulations, Ms Winfrey, on once again being chosen as O Magazine covergirl).

But unless you can convince me Oprah is the only person in the United States who stands a chance of unseating Trump, I still think there is more at stake here than just pitching a lunatic out of the White House.

It wasn't that long ago Barack Obama's lack of experience (despite eight years as a State Senator, four on Capitol Hill and a previous gig as a constitutional law professor) was being held up as an argument against him.

How far we've come.

You get to be President! You get to be President! Everybody gets to be PRESIDENNTTT!!

Americans need to do their best to ensure this dumpster fire of an administration doesn't permanently drag down what it means to sit in the Oval Office - and think about who is best placed to lead their country for at least the next four years.

Surely "Better than Donald Trump" can't be the only barrier to entry placed on the highest office in the land.