REAL DEAL: The Superjesus performs at Marley Brown Oval.
REAL DEAL: The Superjesus performs at Marley Brown Oval. Andrew Thorpe

OPINION: Lets have more festivals like Hotter Than Hell

WE'VE done it Gladstone - we've stumbled on to the formula for the perfect music festival.

It turns out, what we had to do was take the best stage at Big Day Out - you know the one, the side stage with the veteran acts everyone agrees put on a better show than the superstar headliner - then send it 600km north and plonk it just down the street from my house.

Saturday's line-up meant the crowd was full of people attending for the music - not just to pop pills or try out the latest festival fashion.

You could tell the bands appreciated it too.

One of the biggest cheers went up for The Superjesus early in the day after they pulled out a bizarrely heavy cover of Kylie Minogue's 1994 pop hit Confide in Me.

While the name of the festival couldn't have been more apt - it was sweltering while the sun was up - the heat just seemed to energise the bands* and the crowd.

Let's have more live music events like this, please.

Superjesus frontwoman Sarah McLeod was feeling it as well.

Surveying the crowd as feedback rang in our ears towards the end of their set, she did some confiding of her own.

"Don't tell the promoters, but I would have done this for free," she said.

*UPDATE | "Energise" might have been the wrong word to use: