I want my kids to have my last name.
I want my kids to have my last name. Robyne Cuerel

OPINION: I want my kids to have my last name

LIKE many girls, when I was young and liked a boy, I would scrawl my first name and his surname on a piece of paper, just to see what they looked like together.

Then I grew up, realised I was a mad feminist and decided I didn't want to take anyone's name - I just wanted to keep mine.

This has caused a few headaches.

On the night of our wedding, we were introduced, as we walked into the reception hall, by my husband's last name.

I didn't mind - I knew it was challenging for the marvellous human who MC'd for us on the night to do it any other way - but it reinforced to me just how set in tradition our culture is.

My husband still asks me from time to time when I'm going to change my name.

I then ask when he is going to change his.

But it's not cool for girls to do that - apparently it's emasculating for a man to change his name.

One thing he knows does pain me is that if we have children, my name will be different from theirs.

I'm kind of wondering how to break it to him - I'm thinking about a new tradition where the kids get mum's last name.

After all, anyone who pushes something the size of a watermelon out of their special place should probably get naming rights.