A hike in beer prices: An attack on the Great Australian Lifestyle?
A hike in beer prices: An attack on the Great Australian Lifestyle? Callum Bentley

OPINION: How much do you have to spend for a beer?

SO THE price of fuel and the price of beer aren't going to go down any time soon.

It's like an attack on the Great Australian Lifestyle.

The next hike in beer prices is expected in February when a six monthly tax increase is implemented.

What was interesting was talking to Joe Irvin who owns the Tannum Sands Hotel, the Rocky Glen and the Young Australian along with 13 more hotels around Australia.

Mr Irvin says the next thing to hit the price of beer along with pre-mixed drinks and soft drinks is the container deposit scheme, being rolled out on July 1.

It's likely to add $4-$5 to a carton of beer.

Now that's not likely to get the sympathies of some, but to those who budget for the weekly carton, it's something else that will hit your hard-earned.

If the scheme can help the recycling process then that's a good thing, even Mr Irvin agrees with that.

What troubled him was the way it was rolled out in NSW.

He says it's been a disaster with no public education from the government or the media about how and where people can access the scheme.

That, he said, was left up to the retailers.

Other than large amounts of rubbish being left around when people didn't find the reverse vending machines where they expected, he said there was a fair bit of lament around the price increases.

He says he hopes the Queensland Government learns from the NSW experiences and lets people know well in advance how the scheme will work and what it will cost them.

With power prices on the rise, petrol prices going up, grocery prices, school supplies, beer...

Maybe time to buy a push bike, grow tomatoes and brew beer at home, with the lights off.