BUON APPETITO: Edda Zucchet and Brigitte Sabdyn at the new pizzeria Edda 47.
BUON APPETITO: Edda Zucchet and Brigitte Sabdyn at the new pizzeria Edda 47. Liana Walker

New pizzeria offers authentic takeaway

A NEW pizzeria has opened in Kin Kora serving authentic Italian woodfired pizza.

Owner of Edda 47, Edda Zucchet, arrived in Australia in 2002 from Torino in the north of Italy, and brought his mother's pizza recipe with him.

He said the recipe dated back almost 100 years and was served to soldiers during World War II.

"The recipe we have is very basic," Mr Zucchet said.

"It's basic simple ingredients which were reliable during the war time. But it's still good today after so many years."

The toppings on the pizza are inspired by Mr Zucchet's world travels, including tandoori inspired from India and even a Gladstone topping.

"What makes you happy in your mouth makes you happy in your head," he said.

Mr Zucchet recently moved from Perth to Gladstone after he was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

However he said his illness did not slow him down.

"I still work hard. I still get up every morning and every day is beautiful," he said.

"Your city is quite beautiful and is intriguing. We'd just like to fit in."

Although the pizzeria has been open for less than a week, Mr Zucchet said they already had return customers.

"I've already had people come back three times in four days," he said.

"I guess people enjoy my food and I'm very happy about it."

Mr Zucchet has ambitious dreams for the future of the restaurant.

"I've heard this town has been suffering so little problems," he said.

"But maybe with my pizza we can put this place back on the map."

Edda 47 is located in the Drake's Shopping Plaza, Shop 13 83-85 Sun Valley Rd.