Gladstone's OP scores have been revealed.
Gladstone's OP scores have been revealed. LuckyBusiness

OP SCORES: Find out how Gladstone schools ranked

TOOLOOA State High School has been revealed as the best in the region for OP scores and the sole Central Queensland school to be ranked in the top 20 across the state.

13 of 33 OP-eligible students at the school (40%) received an OP between 1-5 putting the school in 15th place out of 378 schools in the state and number 1 in the region.

Toolooa out-performed a number of notable schools including Somerset College (Gold Coast), Brisbane Boys' College (Toowong), All Saints Anglican School (Brisbane) and Rockhampton Grammar School.

Around the Gladstone region, Tannum Sands State High School had the second most students with 10 of 58 OP-eligible students receiving 1-5 (180th overall statewide).

Gladstone State High School was fourth with 8 of 68 students receiving OP 1-5 (278th statewide).

Chanel College were ranked fourth in the region, with 6 out of 53 OP-eligible students receiving a 1-5 (284th statewide).

Out of 19 students that were OP eligible at Trinity College, two students received an OP above 5 - fifth in the region and 293rd statewide.

None of the 10 OP-eligible students at Discovery Christian College at Agnes Water graduated with a score between 1-5 (367th statewide).

One of the OP1 students from Gladstone SHS was Rosella Goh.

She was hoping to enter a dentistry course but is instead enrolled in pharmacy at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.


Rosella Goh is hoping to recieve an OP1 andis interested in studing dentistry.
Rosella Goh is hoping to receive an OP1 and is interested in studying dentistry. Mike Richards GLA141218OPST

Despite her disappointment, she's hoping to apply again next year to study her preferred course.

"I am still hopeful to become a dentist one day," she said.

This year's Year 12 cohort will be the last to be ranked with the OP system, with Queensland schools moving to the national ATAR ranking in 2020.