THE father of a 15-year-old who died after being king hit says Paul Gallen has set an appalling example with his State of Origin behaviour.

Fairfax reports today Gallen is furious he has copped a one-match suspension after a clash with Nate Myles in the State of Origin opener.

The NSW captain claimed the match review committee had made an example of him despite a long history of fights in the series.

Gallen claimed he and Myles "stood there and went toe-to-toe" in Wednesday night's match, and his actions shouldn't have drawn a grade-two striking offence.

Gallen will miss one match after taking an early guilty plea.

But Paul Stanley, who heads up the Matthew Stanley Foundation in honour of his son who was killed in 2006, said Gallen should know better.

Mr Stanley told Sydney radio station 2UE that he was 'disgusted' by Gallen's behaviour.

"I though that rubbish had gone out of the game of rugby league,'' he said.

"The message that it is giving to young people is completely wrong.''

"The guy is the captain of the side.

"He should show a lot more constraint than that.''

Mr Stanley said he was equally appalled by NSW coach Laurie Daley declaring it was a 'heroic Origin moment'.

He said kids need to be reminded that one punch can easily kill.

"Matthew was hit once and he died.''

His comments as news came in from New Zealand of a 15-year-old dying after being hit during rugby training.

The Matthew Stanley Foundation

In September of 2006, Matthew Stanley lost his life after being bashed outside a teenagers' party aged just 15.

After an outpouring of community grief, Paul and Kay responded by joining forces with other community members to form the Matthew Stanley Foundation (MSF).

The Matthew Stanley Foundation seeks to promote non-violence and mutual respect amoung young people and responsible behaviour in the adult community.

The Matthew Stanley Foundation partners with individuals, community groups, businesses and elected representatives to promote youth safety initiatives.

These initiatives have included the Party Safe and One Punch Can Kill campaigns and the new WACO (Walk Away Chill Out) Campaign.

The Foundation also seeks to influence public policy where young lives are at stake.

Matt (affectionalely known as Stanley to his friends) was a talented sportsman who excelled academically.