Tannum Sands Supermarket car park. Photo Paul Braven / The Observer
Tannum Sands Supermarket car park. Photo Paul Braven / The Observer Paul Braven

One-lane exit confuses patrons at Tannum Sands

IT'S been a one-lane exit for two years, yet drivers are exiting the Tannum Central shopping centre like they own it.

Tannum Sands resident Paul, who did not want to use his last name because of constant online abuse, he says, said he was sick of seeing residents ignore the rules.

The car park was changed to a one-way exit in September 2013. But drivers were given a fresh reminder when the linemarking was re-painted in July 2015, as well as more signage.

Paul says he has approached drivers about it, but has only been met with verbal and online abuse.

"It's a simple rule that's very easy to follow, so it makes me wonder what other rules these people are breaking?" he said. Paul says every time he goes to the shopping centre he sees someone break the one-way rule.

Yesterday he counted 25 cars driving the wrong way, while he sat, ordered and then drank his coffee.

Do you care that people ignore the one way arrow out of the Tannum Sands shopping centre?

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He said it was the same residents breaking the rule over and over again.

"I can guarantee you that every time I'm there, there will be people driving the wrong way," he said.

The regional property manager of Whistle Funds Management Company, which owns the centre, Amanda Brookes said the car park had been one lane for years, and it was only until the lines were re-marked that many residents realised.

But she said many drivers still chose the fast route.

"You can't always monitor customer behaviour, but it does seem that people do take the quickest route.

"It's not about how quickly you can exit the car park, it's how well the traffic flows."

Tulliana Duiker is a shop assistant at the centre's Surf Dive and Ski store. She said the whole thing could be signalled better.

"They need to advertise it more and have signs 'one way ahead'," she said. " I have driven through there and I didn't realise at first that it was a one way street."

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