One Direction album cover.
One Direction album cover.

One Direction filming a sequel to movie 'This Is Us'

ONE Direction are currently being filmed on their 'Where We Are' world tour, with director Morgan Spurlock confirming there will be a sequel to their blockbuster movie 'This Is Us'.

The superstar boy band are currently on their 'Where We Are' world tour, and it has been confirmed they are being recorded for a sequel.

Director Morgan Spurlock told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "Yes, there will be a follow-up to 'This Is Us'.

"At this moment Ben Winston is with the band on their world tour filming what happens. He worked with me and is a great producer."

The first movie missed out on the Oscar for Best Song, and Morgan has revealed Simon Cowell would love them to be given a prize this time round.

He added: "I know Simon Cowell wants the band to get awards for this and was upset when they missed out on being nominated in the music category for an Oscar on our film.

"It was a good song and I was surprised that they weren't even considered. This time he will want them to try again."

Meanwhile, The Who singer Roger Daltrey has admitted he "admires" the 'Story of My Life' hitmakers, joking he would like them more if he was a teenage girl.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "I admire what they achieved.

"If I was a 16-year-old girl I would love them, but I'm not. They're nice guys."