The massive 1.45m jewfish.
The massive 1.45m jewfish. Damian Mackenzie-Ross

'Once in a lifetime': Fishing trip reels in surprise

FOR Damian Mackenzie-Ross, catching a 1.4 metre mulloway was a surprise for this experienced fisherman.

"It's probably the biggest fish I've ever caught, and I've been fishing my whole life,” Mr Mackenzie-Ross said.

He and his friends Steve and Harley Anderson decided to take their boat on a spur of a moment trip last Thursday night, because of the weather.

They also went to a different fishing spot, which Mr Mackenzie-Ross is keeping as a personal secret, but he wasn't expecting much - and certainly not a mulloway (also known as jewfish).

"Maybe a salmon or two,” he said. "Definitely wasn't expecting a jewfish.”

WHAT A CATCH: Damien Mackenzie-Ross and his friend with a 1.45m mulloway/jewfish.
A 'once in a lifetime' catch. Damian Mackenzie-Ross

Just using mullet for bait, the trio manage to catch a "once in a lifetime fish”.

"It was just being in the right place at the right time,” Mr Mackenzie-Ross said.

"Just a typical great night's fishing with good mates ... I will never forget.”

Plenty of other Observer readers also sent in their catches from over the weekend on Facebook, so keep an eye out for next week's call-out for photos.