WHAT do the words Blue, Chevy, Blip and Daxx have in common? They are some of the most unusual and creative baby names of 2013.

The Baby Center has unveiled its lists of the top 50 baby names and top unusual names for 2013.

Charlotte and Oliver took the title for the top girl and boy names for 2013 in Australia.

Charlotte has spent the past six years in the top 10, but this is the first year it has taken the top spot.

A prominent trend in girls' names is the letter V.

Ava was the second most popular name, leaping from the 20th position last year.

Ivy made its debut to the list at 18th position and Olivia, Evie, Eva and Evelyn also made the cut for the top 50.

Oliver has been the most popular boys name for the past three years and continues to be easily in the lead.

Jack and Jackson took out second and third position, but a new trend for these names have emerged.

The prominence of using the letter X wherever possible has increased, with Jaxxon and Jaxson also making the cut.

Little Ambrose carries on a fine family tradition

ONE name that would more likely be found on the most creative or unusual list is Ambrose. But to the Spark family, Ambrose is more than just a town half an hour from Gladstone.

It is a family tradition that is now part of six generations. The first Ambrose was Emma Spark's great great grandfather.

Now her seven-month-old son has joined the tradition. But her cheeky bub was originally intended to be Bailey James.

"My father asked if I could name him Ambrose James. I don't think he thought I was taking him seriously," Emma said with a laugh.

She said it was not a hard decision to follow the long-lived family tradition.

"I was a little sceptical at first because it is such a rare name, but I do love it because it is unique. I think it is important to carry on family tradition."

The name James has a similar significance among her family and is also Ambrose's father's name.

She described the tradition as "special and rare".

"It's pretty special to have so many people in the family with something like this in common and that can connect everyone together."

The youngest Ambrose of the family is nicknamed Amby, just like Emma's grandfather.

"He is a beautiful boy; he's very cheeky. He's a good baby; he has four teeth and he's crawling and eating solids."

Top names of 2013:

Boys: Oliver, Jack, Jackson, William, Ethan.

Girls: Charlotte, Ava, Chloe, Emily, Olivia.