Oliver Curtis free from prison and starting work on Monday

DISGRACED investment banker Oliver Curtis will walk into a ready-made job in his father's company first thing Monday morning.

The Saturday Telegraph can reveal that Curtis will transition immediately from jailbird to a business development officer with dad Nick's medical technology start-up E-Nome.

Curtis was last night ensconced back in his luxe eastern suburbs life with publicist wife Roxy Jacenko after serving a minimum one-year jail sentence for insider trading.

Early yesterday the 31-year-old was wide-eyed, jittery and lean as he walked to freedom through the historic timber doorway of Cooma jail, where he was met by a minder and a waiting media pack.

Curtis then jumped into the passenger seat of black Range Rover and was driven the 17km to the humble Snowy Mountains Airport, where his Burberry-clad children Pixie, 5, and Hunter, 3, waited inside the door of a waiting private jet. The pair screamed in excitement as they beckoned their father on board.

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