Gordon Whittaker with his 1914 Ford Model T.
Gordon Whittaker with his 1914 Ford Model T. Mike Richards

1914 Ford Model T an olden-day driving dream

KEN Whittaker describes his brother's classic 1914 Ford Model T.

Owner's name: Gordon Whittaker.

Suburb: West Gladstone.

Make, model and year of car: 1914 Ford Model T.

How long has he had it? For about 10 years. Before that it belonged to his father-in-law, Bill Tuner.

Where has it been? All around locally. About four years ago the body went to Cairns to be restored and the engine was re-built in Bundaberg.

It's been down to Miriam Vale and quite often he used to take it to the Calliope River Historical Village.

What upgrades have been done to it? It's had a modern distributor put in and a water pump.

There's been a few things done to make it a bit easier to handle.

Is this his dream car and why? It's just something that he loves to drive.

Not many people can drive a car like that because there's no gear stick and you have to work peddles on the floor.