Drunk driver hits police car trying to escape officers

LUDICROUS behaviour could have ended in tragedy in the Gladstone CBD in the early hours of Saturday morning, with a police officer narrowly escaping serious injury.

A 19-year-old man was arrested and charged with a number of offences after the incident, which took place about 1.20am on Saturday.

A dog squad officer needed minor treatment to a leg cut after the learner driver hit the officer as the learner reversed his car while trying to evade police in a Central Lane car park.

Police were alerted by a member of the public to a man who appeared heavily intoxicated.

He had reportedly staggered to his car before getting behind the wheel and starting the vehicle.

Officers went to the car park and ordered the young man to get out of the vehicle.

The driver then attempted to escape the car park and evade police, ramming into the rear-left passenger door of a police car and striking the officer in the leg in the process.

The impact was believed to have caved in the rear door of the police car.

Officers arrested the 19-year-old and transported him to the watch house.

He was charged with a range of offences, including two charges of serious assault of a police officer, one charge of wilfully damaging police property and one charge of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle while adversely affected by either drugs or liquor.

The learner driver, who had no supervising driver with him at the time, had his vehicle impounded before he was released on bail.

He will appear in Gladstone Magistrates Court on April 8.

Gladstone Police sergeant Jaella Christensen said the behaviour was unacceptable in the eyes of law enforcement.

"We advise people not to attempt to evade police under any circumstances, especially when operating a vehicle whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol," she said.