Tannum Sands cadets at Ocean 38.
Tannum Sands cadets at Ocean 38. NICK KOSSATCH

Nippers push for glory in Tannum Sands and Gold Coast

AS THE hundreds of nippers stretched several 100 metres across Tannum Sands at the Four-Point Carnival, Lachlan Blake willed his way to the finish line in the Under-14 boys' surf race.

The 13-year-old entered the sport three years ago because he wanted to get fit and improve as a person.

"My favourite is the board race and I already competed in the swim, board, iron man, flags and sprints."

He is a young fellow on a mission and hopes that surf lifesaving takes him places.

"My main goal is to get gold at the states and my main highlight is making the QLD country team," Lachlan said.

He also turns to touch footy and swimming.

"My hobbies are riding bikes and of course surfing," he said.

See the results from Tannum Sands Four-Point Carnival:

Lachlan's TSSLSC teammate Mia Bell also won one of the many disciplines and the 10-year-old said the sport has been a large part of her life.

"I have been doing this since I was in green caps six years ago," Mia said.

"I enjoy doing it every weekend and have fun with friends."

3RD PLACEGETTERS: Max Grosskreutz, Riley Deakin, Reghan Skerman and Michael Poli.
3RD PLACEGETTERS: Max Grosskreutz, Riley Deakin, Reghan Skerman and Michael Poli.

Meanwhile, the Ocean 38 took place at the Gold Coast and the Under-15 boys of Max Grosskreutz, Riley Deakin, Reghan Skerman and Michael Poli won bronze in the cameron final.

Head coach Tony Poli said it was a successful event for Tannum Sands as a whole.

"They all did really well and it was a good chance for them to compete against good opposition," Poli said.

Others to have a great carnival were Reghan Skerman, who finished seventh in the ironman final and the Under-17 boys who finished 10th in the board relay final.

TSSLSC member and now Noosa competitor Ryan Bebendorf took out second place in the Under-15 boys' individual board final.

Poli said the cadets competed in every event and some even made the finals.



U17 BOYS' IRONMAN FINAL: Reghan Skerman 7th

U15 BOYS' CAMERON FINAL: Max Grosskreutz, Riley Deakin, Reghan Skerman, Michael Poli 3RD