Gladstone police will be watching school zones.
Gladstone police will be watching school zones. Claudia Baxter

Observe the zones

WITH Queensland students back to school today police are reminding motorists to remain vigilant in 40kmh school zones.

Senior Sergeant Jim Vogler of Gladstone police said people should be aware of the zone restrictions.

"Just be reminded to drive safely and obey all the signs," he said.

"They're there for a reason, which is the protection of our children."

Mr Vogler said speed is often a factor in incidents but there are other commonsense factors.

"The other ones that people forget about are bus zones and parking over yellow lines… parking over yellow lines minimises the road width and can obstruct views."

Generally school zone times are 7-9am and 2-4pm on school days.

These times for speed reduction have been standardised in the south-east and the remainder of the state will be standardised in July.

Police will be providing a visible enforcement presence in and around schools during the term. A police spokesperson said the police emphasis would be on speeding drivers.