Bushwalkers in the Gladstone region
Bushwalkers in the Gladstone region

Residents turning backs on aircon, embracing hiking outdoors

MORE of you are turning your backs on air-conditioned gyms and instead heading bush to get fit.

Hiking is resurging all over the world and here in Central Queensland, we are spoilt in the beautiful outdoors.

Mark Caon of the Gladstone bushwalkers group has some tips for the newbies.

"If you are going bushwalking don't wear your good white pants," advises Mark.

"Wear your second best sneakers, the ones you don't mind getting dirty or torn.

"Be sun smart, carry plenty of water and take time to enjoy spotting local birds and other wildlife."

He was quick to point that we share our surroundings with dingos, pigs, spiders and snakes so it was important to stay alert.

Fortunately, Mark hasn't had any close encounters to stop him from enjoying exploring local trails.

He and his fellow bushwalkers are keen to share their passion and regularly meet with members from other clubs for day walks, overnight camping or canoeing trips.

During the recent hot spell, the club found a way to continue walking without risking heat-stroke by conducting night walks along the Boyne Island foreshores.

If you're keen to lace-up your boots and slip on a rucksack then the following destinations might appeal to you: Castle Tower National Park, Kroombit Tops, The Gladstone to Monto Rail Line or a stroll up Mt. Larcom.

For the slightly less-adventurous, the Gladstone region has numerous parks with well maintained paths to amble along including Tondoon Gardens, Police Creek from Lions Park to the Callemondah Dam and the Marina parklands.

The council has also built a network of walking and cycling trails, most of which follow the local creeks and waterways.

These are year-round trails and some are designated for horse riding.

Just remember to wear your old pants.

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