NSW company tells of benefits of ethanol production

MANILDRA Group is an Australian owned company throwing its full force behind the use of ethanol as a cheaper, cleaner alternative to fossil fuels.

Ethanol contributes $402 million to Australia's GDP every year and employs more than 3000 staff with a majority in regional areas. 

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Manildra operates an ethanol distillery at Nowa on New South Wales' south coast.

They turn wheat flour into other products containing carbohydrate and ethanol is a by-product of that process.

Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to the biofuel industry, according to the company's Managing Director John Honan.

He says the ethanol industry, creates jobs for economically struggling regional areas while giving consumers access to cheap, cleaner-burning, renewable fuel. 

"In the United States every grade of fuel (including premium) contains a minimum of 10% home grown ethanol, which has created 90,000 direct jobs and an extra 150,000 indirect jobs," Mr Honan said.

"It has been demonstrated internationally that an ethanol industry will not succeed without a government enforced mandate…."