NRL star's wife booted from cafe by 'mum-ophobic' waitress

PHOEBE Burgess has slammed a Northern Beaches cafe after a waitress she claimed to be "mum-ophobic" allegedly kicked her and her three-week-old baby out of its premises.

The wife of NRL player Sam Burgess took to social media to criticise Nourished Wholefoods cafe in Avalon, claiming one of its employees booted her out of the restaurant.

"Yesterday was the first time I've been asked to move/leave an empty cafe with a 3 week old baby asleep in her pram," the TV personality wrote.

"Cheers to the mum-ophobic waiter who made me terrified to do it again. Imagine if I'd started feeding as planned …"

What Phoebe Burgess posted on Instagram about the cafe.
What Phoebe Burgess posted on Instagram about the cafe. Instagram

Burgess, who welcomed the arrival of her firstborn daughter Poppy Alice in the final week of January, didn't respond to Confidential's calls for comment yesterday.

However the owner cafe in question said he was "mortified" at the claims, especially seeing as though he was at the hospital welcoming the arrival of his second-born child at the time.

"Coincidentally I was at the hospital myself with my wife who had just given birth to our second child," new owner Patrick told Confidential.

"I am absolutely mortified at the thought of this even happening.

"It is not what we condone and I honestly cannot believe that anyone I have working for me would have done this."

Patrick added that there would be consequences for his employee, if they had done what Burgess alleges.

"As I said I wasn't there at the time, however I am trying to get to the bottom of it with my staff," he said.

Originally published as Burgess' wife kicked out of cafe