Jasmyn Teubler and Andrew Rose on the Big Whizzer at Gladstone Show.
Jasmyn Teubler and Andrew Rose on the Big Whizzer at Gladstone Show. Jen Tybell

OPINION: Group's one last chance to impress Gladstone, or else

THERE has been plenty of good ideas and practical suggestions about what should happen to the Gladstone Showgrounds.

All of this chatter has been watered down as the Gladstone Show Society has now surfaced and indicated it isn't going anywhere.

The idea for a multi-purpose sports complex sounds good and a retirement village near city facilities wasn't a bad one.

While the uncertainty created plenty of hypotheticals like these, the one certain message that came through strong and clear was that our show needs a shot in the arm.

This was admitted by the man put in charge of reviving that show, an events manager who now has two years to deliver.

The scare put up the show society by the council might just be the turning point for a time-honoured institution in our city.

Everyone loves a show but not when it gets tired and dated.

There can be no doubting the people behind the show society, and the many that came before them, have done a mountain of work with most, or all of it, voluntary hours. This needs to be recognised.

It must be also recognised that all of the suggestions, when it appeared the showgrounds may be reclaimed by council, could still happen.

If there was money available to make them happen at the showgrounds, there's no reason they couldn't happen somewhere else in the city.

It's now just up to the show society and its event manager to put on a production that makes it worthwhile keeping the showgrounds or justifying an upgrade and some more events to fully utilise this valuable asset.