TEAM TCCA: Dave Sullivan with Heather, Kerry, Lisa, Peta Hill and Tamara
TEAM TCCA: Dave Sullivan with Heather, Kerry, Lisa, Peta Hill and Tamara Greg Bray

Now is the time for Gladstone's workers to train for future

TCCA's Peta Hill believes future generations will retrain at least seven times during their working lives.

"Training has become so critical to do a job nowadays, and to get a job," she said.

Ms Hill knows what she is talking about as her own career has taken a few twists over the years.

"Several years ago I was working for TAFE then went on maternity leave and started my own resume writing business," she said.

"I introduced myself to Dave Sullivan in order to advertise my business through his training company and he offered me some contract training work.

"I worked with Dave for six years and eventually took the business over and re-branded it."

Ms Hill's started her new career as the Director of TCCA, Training Careers and Compliance Australia.

"There is a strong market for the resume component of the business," she said.

"We've still got a really good customer base with people who have been with us for years.

"We keep their resumes and documents up to date, add copies of certificates and help with cover letters, CVs, online applications and expressions of interest.

"We've helped plenty of people get work in that time."

Ms Hill said the important thing about a good quality resume is to make a connection.

"You have to get past electronic systems that will be looking for key words and criteria before pushing your application through to the shortlist," she said.

"Then eventually a HR officer will be reviewing your documents, and that's when it has to stand out.

"That document has to sell all of your skills and knowledge.

"Basically, if your resume isn't getting you into interviews, then it needs an overhaul."

The core of TCCA's business is career development.

"You have to be in constant training mode," Ms Hill said.

"If you're going to keep moving with the job or organisation that you're currently in you have to keep learning and developing.

"Alternatively, if you want to go down a different career path then you need to redevelop your skills and knowledge."

Her advice for young people is simple.

"For someone starting out, get good results," Ms Hill said.

"But more importantly get good comments, develop a good attitude and build your communication skills.

"Employers are no longer about hiring 'the report card'; they're looking to hire the right person.

"Someone with a good track record who can study, work a part-time job and be committed to sport.

"That shows them you have some get up and go."

Ms Hill says it's also important for people in their middle age to keep up with their training.

"We have people come to us because they've been working one job for years and suddenly been laid off," she said.

"They're now competing with school leavers who have one or two certificates and are more qualified to apply for jobs."

Ms Hill and her team are also available for workers looking for a change.

"Come down and have a conversation with us about what your options are.

"Work is a big part of your life, you kind of want to get it right.

"Who knows where you'll end up between now and retirement."