November rain can’t last forever in Gladstone, can it?

BECAUSE I grew up in the bush, my favourite band is Guns N' Roses.

At least, when I moved to the city, that's how I figured it worked.

No one in the big smoke seemed to share my adoring devotion to frizzy-haired Axl and his motley crew.

And the plinky Sweet Child O Mine ringtone on my state-of-the-art Nokia 3310 - which delivered me joy with every phone call - only drew derision from my new mates.

I figured it was a country thing, because of country pubs.

If you know the sound of those first awe-inspiring notes of Sweet Child or Paradise City cutting through the drunken drone of a middle-of-nowhere watering hole, then you know what it is to be lifted up, to have spirits soar, and to ready your vocal chords for a scream-along.

And just maybe, what it is to be a little drunk.

So just like I'll head straight for the "G" section of every jukebox in every pub I ever enter, the first rain of the last month of spring will always have me blaring November Rain.

And while the local jukebox offering needs some work - I have to hand it to you, Gladdy, you've got November Rain covered.

It's been stuck in my head for going on three weeks now.

And while my love of Gunners will never falter, the novelty of the wet stuff is wearing off fast.

While November's end is in sight, I've got no similar confidence that the rain will let up.

I happily skipped through a downpour to get to Yachties earlier this week, and set up camp on the deck for a spectacular lightning show.

After an hour, the novelty had worn off.

And with three months of wet season ahead, I'm going to need more than just a little patience.

Still, I guess if I've stuck with corny '80s rockers for this long, I can make it through central Queensland's worst climate.

And after all, nothing lasts forever, in the (warm and quite sticky) November rain.

Well, I hope not.

What sort of storm season do you think we're in for this time?

This poll ended on 26 December 2013.

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I think it will be pretty bad


It'll be about average


It'll settle down after a big start


It will be pretty mild


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