Thomas Hayes with an excellent Toolooa Bends Grunter.
Thomas Hayes with an excellent Toolooa Bends Grunter. Contributed

November a great time to get out on water for fishing, fun

NOVEMBER is such a nice month of the year to be out on the water with the water warming up, and nice balmy breezes starting off from the east, but gradually moving around to the north as the high pressure systems sit off the coast.

This in turn drags that hot air down from the north, but also can produce some good rain, which washes the coastline down and also washes those prawns and bait which have been sitting up in the tops of creeks and mangrove systems.

This weekend looks as though it'll allow everyone to get out on the water, with 5-10 knots predicted from the north east, and the sea dropping right out.

This should continue until about Sunday lunchtime when they predict the breeze to increase late in the day.

The tidal run is dropping off because of the first quarter of the lunar phase. The afternoon high tides are a little bigger, so early morning looks the go.

Places like Douglas Shoal, Broomfield, Sykes, Lamont and Fitzroy Reefs will be fishing very well, and if you can find some ground in the deeper water in the early morning around the 30-50m mark, the Reds and bigger trout should be on the chew.

There are also some decent pelagics hanging around out there. It wouldn't hurt to float either a livey, or even a pilly, out the back while you are doing some bottom bashing.

Looking closer to shore with the wind dropping out, the likes of the Lillies beach is an ideal spot to park a picnic hamper, or the portable barbie, the kids with their fishing gear, beach ball and cricket bat, and have a go at the summer whiting (yellowfin) on Saturday morning, or even Sunday morning.

The humble peeled prawn, or beach worm is ideal for these beautiful tasting fish.

You don't have to cast too far because they predominantly cruise the shallows in the shore breaks.

Look for a gutter, or where the waves are breaking 20 or 30m off the beach, and fish that. I have found an outgoing tide to be very successful.

They will also go for soft plastics and blades, and you never know whether there is a big bream cruising through as well.

Permits for driving on the Lillies beach are available from the community centre at Boyne Island.

The mouth of the Boyne has been throwing up some nice flathead as well.

Places like Colosseum, Seven Miles, Mundoolin, and Turkey Beach are also a favourite haunt when chasing whiting, bream and flathead.

In the harbour, there are plenty of grunter around as they love the shelly gravel bottom which is right through this region.

There are still some Fingermark cruising around the rocky outcrops and ledges, so brace yourself for those.

Remember Barra is off the menu now, and we really should leave them alone to do their thing.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and the catalogues are now coming thick and fast.

Think about supporting our local tackle shops when considering what to buy your loved ones this year.

Its been tough going for all retailers this year and they do need your support.

Many belong to buying groups and some great specials are there to be bought, from camping equipment through to safety gear, and last but not least, tackle.