Today in history: Earthquake, building boom, wedding

ON THIS day (November 25) in Gladstone history: 


A distinct earthquake shock caused houses to shake today.

The shock was also experienced along the Calliope road.



The building boom in Gladstone continues.

Important additions to the State School are being pushed ahead.

Messrs S. Horne and Co's ice works and electric plant houses are nearing completion, while the Lincoln Hall has been thoroughly renovated.

Mr AG Hartley, Sub-Collector of Customs, is again unwell, and his medical adviser has ordered his removal to the Gladstone Hospital.



A wedding of interest to a wide circle of friends in Many Peaks and Gladstone was solemnised in St Saviour's Church of England, the contracting parties being Ernest Charles, youngest son of Mr and Mrs F. Bond, Many Peaks, and Dorothy May, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Dan Sidey, also of Many Peaks.

The bridesmaid was Miss A. Sidey, sister of the bride. Mr T. Bond, brother of the bridegroom, was best man.