Ben “Notorious” Geppert and his ex-girlfriend
Ben “Notorious” Geppert and his ex-girlfriend

‘Notorious’ bikie’s new life revealed

FORMER bikie Ben "Notorious" Geppert has flaunted his freedom on Instagram after being released on bail, revealing he wants to write a book and has a new love interest.

The 27-year-old spent Christmas in lockup after an alleged violent incident with his now ex-partner Allaina Vader in Airlie Beach on November 10.

He was released on bail in early January and has flooded social media with live videos, Instagram stories and posts.

Former bikie Ben Geppert has told his social media followers he’s looking to reinvent himself in 2020.
Former bikie Ben Geppert has told his social media followers he’s looking to reinvent himself in 2020.

In an Instagram video he told his 14,000 followers, that he was heading away for the weekend, "off to the Gold Coast to kick back with a few sick expletives".

Geppert relocated to Airlie Beach, in north Queensland late last year, after his brother, Harrison Geppert, 17, was stabbed to death in a Gold Coast park.

Allaina Vader in a picture posted to Instagram.
Allaina Vader in a picture posted to Instagram.

The former Hell's Angel has addressed his break-up since his release, telling his followers he's not hung up on his ex anymore, and that he knows her new beau, and thinks he's a "good guy".

Miss Vader has been posting videos and pictures of herself with a new man on the Gold Coast in recent months, but appears to have left social media since Geppert's release.

He told followers he wanted to focus on himself, this would be his year and said in a video he had been "steroid free for eight months".

"I can pretty much say 2020 will be the year for the BG! How much money have you lost chasing expletive? How much expletive you lost chasing money? Think about it", he wrote.

Last week he shared a message, sent to him by a supposed rival, warning him to leave town, but Geppert insisted he would stay in Airlie Beach and wasn't scared.

"My name is known worldwide", he bragged.

"There are people all over the word (sic) with my tats on there (sic) face! It's expletive mad!"

"Ima (sic) write a book. Cause I can," he wrote on Instagram last week.

Moving on from his long-time partner, Miss Vader, Geppert has been seeing a new woman who goes by the name Lulu Walters.

"You little hottie can't wait too (sic) see you," he wrote on Instagram in response to one of her comments.

Followers have also asked Geppert about his short-lived clothing brand, BG Apparel, after his former friend and business partner, Forrest Gamble said in October he would be deregistering the business.

Geppert posted, "Attention: If you twits ask me one more time what's happened to my clothing company! I'll block ya. Deadset use ya brain. Expletive".