Man's short foray into ice trade ends in court

DEFENCE barrister Bill McMillan told a District Court in Gladstone that the drug message from courts and government leaders about the seriousness of drugs like ice "just doesn't get through" to young people who continue to use.

He made the comments at the sentencing of Shane Alexander Cherry, who pleaded guilty to seven charges involving the supply of cannabis and ice.

Cherry also pleaded guilty to possession of both drugs, and using a mobile phone to commit drug offences.

District Court Judge Nicholas Samios heard that Cherry, 20, led a relatively trouble-free life until starting on cannabis and then using ice.

Sam Bain for the Crown said Cherry was charged after police read text messages on his mobile phone after he was found with a quantity of ice in a clip seal bag.

He said Cherry had been frank with police in his interviews.

"He was essentially the middle man between his supplier of drugs and friends, hooking them up with the person," Mr Bain said.

The court was told Cherry did not make money from the supplies but received drugs "every now and again".

Mr McMillan said it was a case of peer pressure.

Cherry had only been involved for a short time, which was unfortunate as he had been very industrious at work.

"His arrest was a wake-up call," he said.

"His involvement in the drug scene began smoking cannabis. His supplier involved him in methylamphetamine which he was also smoking."

Judge Samios accepted Cherry had been acting as the middle man, saying his drug offences were "low level offending".

He said Cherry had favourable references and good prospects of rehabilitation.

Judge Samios sentenced him to 18 months jail for the most serious offences but ordered the sentence be immediately suspended for two years.