None of the mayoral candidates are confident

THERE'S 60 minutes before the polling booths close and not one of our mayoral candidates would describe their mood as confident.




In fact, exhausted was the word used by all three who have spent the few weeks tirelessly answering questions from the media and meeting voters. 

Today, Gail Sellers, Matt Burnett and Michelle Wagner have been busy touring the region, handing out how to vote cards and making the most of the last opportunity to engage with voters.

Voters would have seen plenty of people donning Gail Sellers' aprons and Matt Burnett's shirts, but the dark horse in this race has been much quieter.

We caught up with Michelle Wagner at Kin Kora State School this afternoon where she was collecting, recycling and handing out all the candidates' 'how to vote cards' including those of her rivals.

"I haven't really thought much about the results," Ms Wagner said while carefully organising a table of 'how to vote cards'.

"Today I'm doing this, tonight I will be out with friends and tomorrow when I wake up it will a new day.

"I don't have any expectations. I'm quite casual about it really, but then I'm quite casual in general.

"Throughout the race I have felt a range of emotions. Exhausted, frustrated but also satisfied."

Mayoral candidate Michelle Wagner said is helping others hand out 'how to vote cards', including her rivals.
Mayoral candidate Michelle Wagner said she is helping other candidates hand out 'how to vote cards', including her rivals.

Ms Wagner said she had been uplifted by the spirit of camaraderie between the councillor candidates who have all lead a clean campaign, void of scandal and attempts to smear one another.

"(Between the mayoral candidates) it could have been fairer, but I had anticipated some of the behaviour we've seen."

Incumbent mayor Gail Sellers had less to say about the way events had unravelled, although she too described herself as "exhausted".

"I'm tired and my feet hurt. That's the truth," Ms Sellers said.

"I have had a lot of support today; a casual thumbs up, a couple of knowing smiles or a slight nod as people leave the booths.

"There's some good vibes."

Incumbent mayor Gail Sellers says she's exhausted.
Incumbent mayor Gail Sellers says she's tired.

Support for Matt Burnett has been more obvious than a few thumbs up.

Every polling booth has been manned by his supporters from Monday when pre-polling opened, and will be until the booths shut at 6pm tonight.

But he isn't describing his mood as "confident" either, despite saying feedback had been positive.

"How can I describe how I am feeling? Exhausted. Nervous maybe?" Mr Burnett said late this afternoon.

"I would say I was confident if I was running for councillor because I topped the polls last time. But this is different. I'm asking people to say; 'yes, you're my man' and that's nerve wracking."

Counting starts at 6pm when all the booths close.

Unless it's a close race, we're likely to have an idea of the results by 7pm or 8pm.

Mayoral candidate Matt Burnett said he's exhausted and
Mayoral candidate Matt Burnett said he's exhausted and "nervous maybe".