BEAUTY: Sam Silliars pictured with a healthy Bass.
BEAUTY: Sam Silliars pictured with a healthy Bass. Contributed

No shortage of top fishing spots

ONE of the more enjoyable ways to fish for many lure anglers is to target fish in the skinny water areas, whether it be in the upper reaches of the estuaries or simply fishing a freshwater stream or hole.


Looking for new areas: Finding a new fishing spot is easy and convenient with modern technology.

Google Maps with satellite and street view capabilities, along with books like AFN's (Fishing Atlas for South East Qld Navigation and Beacon Director) can see you getting into some hot fishing action.

Make sure not to fish anywhere that is restricted and avoid other things like private property etc.

Species on offer: Not only de we have some incredible spots on offer on the Coast, we also have some outstanding fish to target.

In the upper reaches of the rivers you can expect to target fish like bream, bass, tarpon, trevally and mangrove jack.

Fishing in the freshwater you can expect to go after bass, yellow belly, silver perch and fresh water cod.

Fishing techniques: There's a stack of techniques that you can implement into your fishing session but one of the most well-known and still considered to be best fishing technique is fishing the surface.

Surface lures like poppers and surface walkers are great along with others like frog, grasshopper and cicada imitations. You can also use lightly-weighted soft plastics and small deep diving hardbodies.

Gear to use: The best all-round outfit to use in these areas is a light to medium 6'6" 2-4kg graphite rod matched to a 1000-2500 size spin reel with 8-10lb braid and 8-15lb fluorocarbon leader.

Running gear like this can enable you to fish these areas with confidence, knowing you can put in a perfect cast and extract fish away from the structure.

Things to remember: Even though you often aren't far away from civilisation when fishing these areas, it's still a good idea to let someone know where you are going.

Travel light and don't try and take all your lures and gear with you.

It pays to be cautious, so pack a small first aid kit.

And remember there are rules and regulations to abide by, like closed seasons and no-take species. For any more info head to

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