The Kin Kora intersection in October 2015.
The Kin Kora intersection in October 2015. Mike Richards GLA211015KINK

UPDATE: Ministers weigh in on roundabout upgrade

We're interested to see how Gladstone drivers handle the new intersection, so we're asking you to keep an eye out. If you see any prangs, crashes, or near misses, take a picture, send it through to us on our facebook page or email

A QUEENSLAND minister says the Kin Kora roundabout upgrade will provide a boost to the local productivity and economy to Gladstone.

Minister for Main Roads and Safety Mark Bailey said the $25m upgrade will benefit all road users.

"This transition will be a busy time for the project team as they remove the existing roundabout and introduce the signalised intersection.   

Construction to upgrade the Kin Kora roundabout is ongoing.
Construction to upgrade the Kin Kora roundabout is ongoing.

Gladstone MP Glenn Butcher said that safety will be greatly improved for people wanting to access the largest shopping complex in Gladstone.

"Significant work has already been completed including the relocation of underground services, installation of new storm water and sewerage pipes, earthworks and the removal of centre medians.

Progress on the intersection 

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>> Signalisation on Kin Kora roundabout starts tomorrow

>> Kin Kora roundabout taking shape as roadworks continue

"A new bus stop will open on the southern side of Philip Street, providing a single shelter outside the GP Super Clinic."

"An average of 78 jobs have been supported throughout the project with a completion date projected in early 2016."


You may want to consider avoiding the Kin Kora intersection this weekend as major works remove the roundabout and...

Posted by The Observer on Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Despite the hype over the construction, some residents still question the changes.

One commenter on The Observer's website says the traffic lights won't reduce traffic.

"I'm guessing we'll be calling it Kin Kora roundabout in a few years when we, yet again, get rid of the lights from here and go back to the most effective overall solution which is a roundabout," online commenter eyespy6 said.

Earlier: KIN Kora roundabout will have to be referred to as Kin Kora intersection after this weekend because the roundabout is about to be ripped out.

Major works to replace the roundabout with traffic lights will start on Friday from 9pm and run until 6am on Monday.

Plans for the completed Kin Kora intersection.
Plans for the completed Kin Kora intersection.

Police will be directing traffic during the day and traffic controllers will manage the flow in the evenings.

But it could be an area to avoid altogether because drivers won't be able to turn in some directions.

If all goes according to plan the lights will be up and running by Monday.