ONLINE IS EASY: Killarney resident Jenny Schulz has had no difficulties getting her Daily News online.
ONLINE IS EASY: Killarney resident Jenny Schulz has had no difficulties getting her Daily News online.

NO FUSS: Digital news ‘straightforward’ for septuagenarian

THE transition to digital news is one that hasn't frightened Jenny Schulz, who has long turned to her trusty iPad for local news.

As the final print edition of the Warwick Daily News rapidly approaches, Ms Schulz said the decision to open a digital account two years ago was one she didn't question.

"In the very beginning I didn't do it, no way, but it's a long time since I've been getting my paper like this," she said.

"I just thought this will be great, because I was getting it delivered and then you had to tell (the deliveries) if you were going away.

"And if you are going away, then you can't get the paper or the local news.

"If I get it on my iPad, I've got it all the time."

The 70-year-old Killarney resident said she had very few difficulties in setting up her online account, initially downloading the Daily News app on her older iPhone.

Ms Schulz said the competitive price of online news made it even more appealing to her.

"I think it only costs me something like $15 a month to access all the stories," she said.

"If there is anything in (the paper) that might interest my kids, I can send it to them too.

"It might be a photo or something, perhaps even of them every now and then.

"I just think this is so good; it was just straightforward."

While Ms Schulz said many people would miss the physical copy of the paper, she believed they would be doing themselves a disservice by not transitioning online.

"As far as some saying they won't be bothered, I just think how silly," she said.

"I'm sure they'll get used to it and really like it.

"And I see the Daily News are doing a good deal with a tablet at the moment.

"It's all there for them to just do, which is a good offer if they don't have an iPad."

The Daily News is offering up a great online subscription deal at the moment, which comes with a tablet to get you into the digital scene.

For those who already have their own device, there is another great deal which gives two months' free access to new customers, so you can give the online news world a whirl.