Anna-Marie Rei has relocated to Gladstone from Lowmead after the floods.
Anna-Marie Rei has relocated to Gladstone from Lowmead after the floods. Tom Huntley

Huge craters in road stop flood victims retrieving furniture

LKE many, Lowmead resident Anna Rei and her family never expected the waters to rise as high as they did.

Last month Anna's Lowmead property, which sits alongside Baffle Creek, was flooded.

Of the 146.5ha (362 acres), only 24ha (60 acres) remained dry.

Thankfully, the family home didn't go under, but it was completely isolated by floodwaters.

Anna, her foster son and a family friend were told to evacuate.

"As usual, everyone thought it would be okay," Anna said.

"Our neighbour said he's always okay, but this time the water went right through his place."

As the water continued to rise, the family had to be airlifted to safety.

"We couldn't dial emergency because of the Telstra outages," Anna said. "We lit a fire and waited for the helicopter."

After being airlifted out by the RACQ Rescue helicopter, they were dropped at Gladstone Airport.

"We were only allowed to take a small bag of medication - no clothes or anything," Anna said.

"Luckily we had a mate in Gladstone we could stay with."

Last week, the family was lucky to receive an unfurnished house in Gladstone through Anglicare.

We don't have any furniture and we don't know when we'll be able to get into our place.

"We've been back twice, only to collect linen and clothing."

As a result of flooding, the road and driveway that leads to the property have been ruined.

"The problem is there are huge craters in the road," Anna said. "It took years before they fixed it last time."

With a 5.6km walk into the property, moving larger items is out of the question.

The family is seeking donations of basic household items, including beds and a fridge.

"When we can go back home, we will be able to give the items away to others in need," Anna said.

"We just don't know how long it will be."

If you are able to assist, please contact Anna on 0437 913 195.