Darling Downs District Crime Group Detetective Inspector Lew Strohfeldt .
Darling Downs District Crime Group Detetective Inspector Lew Strohfeldt . Nev Madsen

No evidence to support Sudanese gangs claim

POLICE have spoken with a person behind a concerning social media post claiming a Sudanese gang had ripped roofs from homes and stolen property in Westbrook.

Darling Downs Detective Inspector Lew Strohfeldt said the post had caused concern in the community and there was no evidence of "any gang of any nationality" in Toowoomba.

"In relation to the Facebook post which singled out a group of people within the community as being a gang committing offences in Westbrook, we've conducted inquiries in relation to this and have found no evidence whatsoever of any gang of any nationality within the Toowoomba area," he said.

"That person has been spoken to and what is concerning, and as was stated in The Chronicle, is that a group of people in the community have been labelled as causing or committing offences in the Toowoomba area when we have no evidence of that whatsoever."

A caucasian man, 17, was arrested in Westbrook last Tuesday after several calls to 000. He was charged and will appear in court next month.

"We haven't got a problem with gangs in Toowoomba but if anybody has any information about any offences that have been committed ... please let their local police or Crime Stoppers know," he said.