No clear sign which party is best for small business

IT sounds like many small business owners are in the same quandary…election time and once again trying to decipher which political party is really out to support small business.

Last week at a Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry meeting, this topic was discussed, with little conviction as to which party promised the best outcomes for the small business sector.

During my 12 years in business, both major parties have had a chance to make it easier for small businesses but I haven't seen too many changes for the better.

Small business is still crying out for changes in the amount of red tape, while government processes seem to get more and more complicated.

As many know, the tax system is difficult for small businesses. The amount of time and money spent sorting out taxes, instead of getting on with running the business, is business lost.

Not to mention the added time and stress working through employment regulations.

Business owners regularly ask themselves, "Why do I do it?"

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is running a campaign, Small Business - Too big to ignore.

The chamber states there are two million small businesses in Australia, employing seven million people, making up over 60% of the workforce.

Considering the significant contribution small business makes to the economy, I don't understand why we wouldn't want to take some pressure off.

We will need to have a big voice for small business to continue relentlessly highlighting the issues and providing the solutions for whichever party will be in government next month.